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Safeguarding and E Safety

We believe that all children should be able to grow and develop in circumstances where they feel safe and supported, Graveney School is committed to working with pupils, parents and outside agencies to promote the welfare of children and safeguard them from harm.

The school has a comprehensive E-Safety Policy which is supported by extensive day to day procedures which have been developed in consultation with staff and students. There are many ways staff and pupils can report issues and access support in school. Click on the link below to access the Child Exploitation On-line Protection Centre

CEOP Safely Centre - If you are worried about online abuse or the way someone has been communicating online.
CEOP Advice for Parents

E Safety and Acceptable Use of ICT (2017-18)

Safeguarding, Child Protection & Looked after learners Policy (2016-17)

Whole School Policies

Please follow the links below to view our whole school policies. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact the school on 0208 682 7000.

 Statement on preventing radicalisation -June 2015.pdf
 Suggestions and Complaints Policy (Apr 16).pdf
 Vexatious Complaints Policy (Apr 16) (2).pdf
 Homework Policy 2015-16 (Graveney School).pdf
 School Uniform Policy - May 2016.pdf
 Anti-Bullying Policy 2016-17 (Graveney School).pdf
 Behaviour Policy 2016-17 (Graveney School).pdf
 Drug Misuse Policy 2016-17 (Graveney School).pdf
 Equality Policy 2016-17 (Graveney School).pdf
 Exclusions Policy 2016-17 (Oct 16).pdf
 Freedom of Information Policy 2016-17 (Graveney School).pdf
 Charging Policy 2017-18 (Graveney Trust).pdf
 School Journey Policy 2017-18 (Graveney School).pdf